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We believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our entrepreneurial success. For this reason, the well-being of our employees is particularly important to us. To ensure their wellbeing, we offer a range of health, educational and work-life balance activities.

Health care management 

With our healthcare programme, we hope to encourage a healthy lifestyle, reduce work-related stress and strengthen the team spirit.
Among others, we offer our employees the following services in this context:

Bike leasing
Mobile massage & spinal fitness
Nutritional counselling
Yoga & Zumba
Burnout prevention
Winter indoor sports
Participation in official sports competitions and classes in our in-house gym.

A highlight is also our annual horizontal soccer tournament.


horizont university

horizon university
All our employees will be given the opportunity to participate in our continuing educational programme, which includes the following:

Third-party trainings
Job rotation
Internal training (horizont university) 

The training courses offered by horizont university include product training, IT seminars, language courses, training in electrical basics, QM training, sales training, rhetoric courses, self-management and the opportunity to visit other regional companies.


Social commitment 

Passion for social concerns

Being a traditional company, we are aware of our social responsibility and hence are involved in numerous social projects in our region and beyond, e.g. various fundraising campaigns, refugee aid, support for the Korbach food donation centre and many more. 

Work-life balance

We provide our employees with the opportunity to balance their professional and private ambitions in the best possible way. For this purpose, we offer the following benefits in addition to 30 annual days of holiday:

Generous flexitime and part-time models
Mobile working
Childcare during the summer holidays