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horizont Group consists of a network of companies, each a specialist in its respective business field.
There are currently over 500 employees within the horizont group. At our headquarters in Korbach, our horizont family consists of about 250 employees.
Among them we continuously train more than 30 apprentices in various professions.

To get an idea of our company and the corporate structures, we interviewed three of our employees of the Korbach site:

Maja Meier 

Sales Traffic Safety at the site of Korbach

I really do enjoy working at horizont - particularly the pleasant working atmosphere contributes to this. The cooperation and interaction with one another is great - both among colleagues and between the different departments - last but not least with the supervisors! 
The degree of leeway in decision-making permits autonomous working. Uncertainties or queries are discussed together. The horizont team very quickly makes you feel that you do belong to the team and are a part of the big picture.

Maximilian Simon

Industrial engineering at the site of Korbach

I started my apprenticeship at horizont 9 years ago. After I graduated, I was employed and in the years following I was given the opportunity to qualify as a training supervisor for mechatronics and was also promoted to the position of team leader for our operating technology department. In general, the employees and the working atmosphere do come first in our company. Horizont has a very good understanding of the strengths and interests of each employee and encourages them individually, so that everyone can have a very good career - that's what I like most about horizont as an employer. 

Perie Gobrecht

Sales and quality management at the site of Korbach

In addition to my main responsibilities, I am also involved in managing complaints and in the programme for improvement and suggestions. In this role, I work with all employees - involving them in the process of brainstorming and decision-making, giving each employee the chance to contribute their opinion and suggestions. horizont is backed by a very collegial and strong team that is very close-knit - like a big family.