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Division Animal Care

horizont Animal Care is one of Europe's leading suppliers and experts in the field of pasture fencing, animal husbandry and equestrian sports. As a pioneer in the field of battery-powered pasture fencing equipment, horizont laid the foundations for mobile pasture and animal husbandry management in Germany. About 400 different types of devices are produced and dispatched by the houndreds from our headquarters in Korbach every year. 

Division Traffic Safety

horizont Traffic Safety - one of the leading manufacturers of products for traffic safety has developped to a one-stop shop for the requirements of fire brigades, the police, safeguarding companies as well as for industrial customers, authorities and resellers.
Our products are perfectly suited for securing danger and emergency spots as well as for safeguarding builders, fire fighters, technical emergency services and the police during operation. Whether delineators, warning lamps or mobile warning trailers - horizont Traffic Safety contributes significantly to traffic safety!

Division Industrial Customers

horizont Industrial Customers has been developing and producing special electronic products for numerous well-known companies for more than 75 years. We are specialized in manufacturing and assembling of electronic, mechanical and plastic products. We can draw on our long-standing experience in both, development and production, for this purpose.

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