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horizont Animal Care is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of modern electric fence management and offers a complete range of products for pasture fencing,  animal breeding and equestrian sports, true to the motto "Living with the animal". 

One essential part of this successful concept are our more than 500 employees. Many colleagues are farmers, animal owners, equestrians or breed animals in their leisure time.Their experience from everyday use of our products is taken into account and implemented in the development of new innovative products - since we produce from experience for use in practice!

At horizont, we are guided by the philosophy of making life a little safer and easier for both humans and animals every day.

Pasture fence programme

More than 600 different articles from our range of pasture fencing, as well as the corresponding accessories and thousands of animal husbandry articles leave our factory in Korbach every year and represent the horizont brand all over the world.

Almost the entire range of accessories is produced in our own factories in Europe. Our aim here is to maintain the quality of our products at all times and to introduce new products and innovations to the market.

Animal husbandry programme

Whether for livestock, such as sheep, cows and goats, or horses and ponies, we always have the perfect solution for every animal and every livestock farmer. Of course, we also offer a wide range of products for your pets, such as dogs and cats.
Countless professional and hobby pet owners have confidence in the brand "horizont" - not least thanks to the quality promise kept when it comes to safety.

Wolf defence

In addition to our range of products for modern fence management, animal husbandry and equestrian sports, we also place great emphasis on wildlife defence.

Due to the growing wolf population, wolf control has become particularly important in recent years. Affected goat and sheep keepers lack reliable protective systems - horizont provides solutions!

Practitioners from Germany and abroad, together with various animal associations, regularly exchange their experiences and work together to develop solutions for creating maximum safety measures for your animals!

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