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Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade

Trade Subject Area: Foreign Trade


What awaits you

  • Wholesale traders are the intermediaries between producers of goods and retailers, bulk consumers and processors.

  • Offer customer-orientated assortments from the huge range of domestic and foreign suppliers.

  • In the wholesale sector, the main tasks are in the areas of purchasing, costing, warehouse management and sales.

  • In the foreign trade sector, familiarity with customs and export regulations as well as transport regulations is also important, in addition to relevant foreign language skills.


What you should bring with you

  •  General Certificate of Secondary Education

  • Versatility, good memory, willingness to work, clear expression, organisational talent, interest in foreign languages, mobility, flexibility, willingness to make decisions, interest in EDP


Duration of training

3 years


Vocational school

Kaufmännische Schulen Marburg, Marburg

Your contact person


Luise Iske
Training Officer
horizont group gmbh
Homberger Weg 4-6
34497 Korbach
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