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Commercial jobs

More than just office work!

  • Are you looking for work that you enjoy?
  • Are you hoping for a relaxed and cool team?
  • Do you want to work on as many different tasks as possible?
  • Are you interested in or enthusiastic about the commercial (and design) sector?

​​Then find out more about our commercial apprenticeships here! 

Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade (m/f/d)

In this training, horizont focuses on foreign trade. Wholesale traders are the intermediaries between producers of goods and retailers, bulk consumers and processors. Therefore, it is important that you are mobile, versatile and decisive for this training.

Industrial Management Assistant (m/f/d)

Calculating is one of the most important activities of industrial clerks, which is why you should be organised, versatile and sociable for the training. You prepare offers from material procurement to sales and manage, calculate and plan all further steps.

Digital and Print Media Designer (m/f/d)

To train as a media designer for digital and print media, you should bring creativity, communication skills but also technical interest. In this profession you will learn how to design elements for media products and how to plan production processes.

Management Assistant in e-commerce (m/f/d)

An e-commerce specialist deals with the development and implementation of e-commerce concepts and the creation of conversion-optimised content for websites and shops. Therefore, for this apprenticeship you should have first experiences in dealing with social media channels and/or the creation of websites.

Trainee at horizont

At the beginning of each training year, your training starts with our trainee get-to-know days. All new and old trainees get to know each other during team-building games and various outdoor events and learn how important cooperation and cohesion are in a team. In our apprentice workshop, both the technical and the commercial apprentices meet every four weeks to discuss topics related to the apprenticeship or report on project tasks such as:

  • Design of our apprentice newspaper "horiZUBI".
  • Appearance on Facebook and Instagram
  • Participation in training competitions

As an apprentice, you work in a great team, have a challenging area of responsibility that you work on independently and learn how to work responsibly.