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Dual study programmes

Apply learned theory directly in practice

The dual study programme is just right for you if you want to apply your theoretical knowledge directly in practice!
Together with your chosen university/college, you will be able to combine your studies ideally with your workplace. 

Business Informatics Specialist (m/f/d)

The main task of a business informatics specialist is on the one hand to solve business management problems and projects. In addition, you also deal with information and communication management tasks with the help of IT-supported information and data processing systems.
The study programme lasts 3 years and is paid for by the employer. 

Mechanical engineering (m/f/d)

Mechanical engineering is one of the most important sectors of the German economy. This classic engineering discipline has its fields of application in the development of technical devices, systems or processes as well as in quality management and production up to service-oriented tasks.
Your future learning content will mainly consist of mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials technology, etc.

Systems Engineering (m/f/d)

Systems engineers work in an interdisciplinary way: they mediate between experts from different disciplines, coordinate and organise. In three years, you would earn your "Bachelor's degree" and gain professional experience at the same time. For this degree programme, you need a general higher education entrance qualification.