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What awaits you

Systems engineers work in an interdisciplinary way: they mediate between experts from different disciplines, coordinate and organise.

In three years, the academic degree "Bachelor" is acquired and professional experience is gained at the same time. The studies are financed by the employer and the receipt of a training allowance is guaranteed. 



  • Systems Engineering
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering


Learning content

  • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering,
  • Technical Systems Engineering,
  • Information and Communication Systems,
  • Software Systems Engineering,
  • Business Systems Engineering,
  • Soft skills (including project management, communication, rhetoric),
  • Technical and Business English


What you should bring with you

  • General university or technical college entrance qualification
  • Versatility, good memory, willingness to work, clear expression, organisational talent, interest in foreign languages, mobility, flexibility, willingness to make decisions, interest in EDP


Duration of studies

3 years


Training locations

Practice: horizont gerätewerk gmbh, Korbach

Theory: Berufsakademie Frankenberg (In equal parts every 3 months)


Your contact person


Luise Iske
Training Officer
horizont group gmbh
Homberger Weg 4-6
34497 Korbach
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